Transformational Leadership for Sustainability

Create impact. Shift cultures and systems. Deliver real sustainable change.

A three-part learning-in-action program that equips people working in sustainability to shift cultures and systems and produce extraordinary results.


Dates 2020

The upcoming program takes place in Bergen, Norway, on the following dates:

11 - 13 February

24 - 26 March

28 - 30 April

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Full program


Create impact

Meeting the goals and targets of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement calls for unprecedented transformations. These transformations depend on our capacity to design and implement projects that can shift systems and cultures.

We need people to realize their leadership potential, shape systems and move beyond business as usual approaches. We need collaborations that foster our inner capacities and leadership skills to strategically align projects and initiatives.

In this 3 x 3-day workshop, you’ll work closely with renowned leadership development practitioner and expert, Dr Monica Sharma, former Director of Leadership and Capacity Building at the UN. You’ll learn practical principles, templates and tools that can be used to turn passion into action and create measurable short- and long-term change.


Go do this! It will enlarge your capacity not only to do your work well, but to do you better. This training has been life-changing for me. I’ll never forget this. It will take me into my future.

Veronica Shepard, Program Coordinator, San Francisco Dept. of Public Health.




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Monica Sharma

Renowned leadership development practitioner and expert with over 20 years of experience delivering transformational results as Director of Leadership and Capacity Building for the United Nations.


Karen O’Brien

Co-founder of cCHANGE and a Professor in the Department of Sociology and Human Geography at the University of Oslo. O’Brien is an internationally recognized expert on transformations to sustainability.


This workshop is hosted by cCHANGE, an Oslo-based consultancy activating people’s potential for change and enabling them to become powerful solutions to climate change and sustainability challenges. cCHANGE has been collaborating with Dr Monica Sharma for the last decade, exploring effective ways to shift cultures and systems.


What can you expect?

Dr Monica Sharma is delivering her transformational leadership workshops all over the world. Recent or upcoming workshops include: 

  • cCHANGE ran the first course for people working on climate change and sustainability initiatives in Oslo in 2019, thanks to support from Tekna Klima and the US Embassy in Oslo.

  • San Francisco area, USA – Leadership for community change makers (Mar – Jun 2019)

  • Rowe, Massachusetts, USA - Radical Transformational Leadership: How to Become the Change Agent the World Needs Now (Oct 2019)

  • Auroville, India - Stewardship for Radical Transformation for human development practitioners, (Sept 2018)

  • Mumbai, India - Unleashing Full Potential for Social Transformation to foster ethical leaders (Aug – Oct 2018)

  • Baltimore, USA - John Hopkins leadership workshops with 5 other major universities (Oct / Nov 2018)

  • USA - US National Park Services leadership capacity building

Participants talk about the benefits of Dr Sharma’s workshops in this 3-minute film highlighting the workshops hosted by Rise Together Bay Area, a coalition of more than 250 partners working for more equitable and sustainable communities in the San Francisco Bay area.


Curious to know more? Watch this one hour recording of the recent Facebook livestreamed event An Introduction to Transformational Leadership for Sustainability by cCHANGE’s Prof Karen O’Brien.